• Image of Pendleton Woolen Mills x Black Lodges
  • Image of Pendleton Woolen Mills x Black Lodges
  • Image of Pendleton Woolen Mills x Black Lodges

I was lucky enough to work with Pendleton Woolen Mills again to bring this very special blanket back. I originally had the opportunity to make a few of these 2 years ago with the information that this Zuni Ceremonial Blanket was all but gone, but amazingly we managed to dig up a few more.

What you are looking at is a genuine Pendleton Woolen Mills Zuni Blanket.
Untypical for the Native American Blankets Pendleton makes, the Zuni Tribe Blanket is a pure black without any patterns. That spoke to me for all the obvious reasons.

These blankets are robe size, the size preferred for ceremonial purposes and wrapping about oneself as a robe. They are impressive as wall hangings and practical when folded on a sofa or at the foot of a bed.

It's made in the USA from pure virgin wool and measures 163cm x 203cm ( so 64' x 80' inches ) and is unnapped.

As I didn't want to mess with the lack of patterns and that significance I chose to simply sow a Black Lodges Custom Werks label above the Pendleton label.

The Zuni are federally recognized Native American Pueblo peoples. Most live in the Pueblo of Zuni on the Zuni River, a tributary of the Little Colorado River, in western New Mexico, United States. Zuni is 55 km (34 mi) south of Gallup, New Mexico. In addition to the reservation, the tribe owns trust lands in Catron County, New Mexico and Apache County, Arizona. They called their homeland Shiwinnaqin. Feel free to read up about them if you wish.

There are only 5 of these blankets available and they ship globally.